The Best Solution For Stained Teeth

The Best Solution For Stained Teeth

Nobody likes discoloured, yellow or stained teeth. It is important that you follow daily care for your teeth in order to avoid these terrible stains. But if you have fallen prey to it, you can follow a few guidelines on your own – at home, or come to us for teeth whitening treatment.

If there are stains your teeth or they are discoloured, then you need to work on it. This is important for making your smile look better. The food and drinks we consume on a daily basis can leave stains on our teeth. This includes soft drinks, tea and coffee. Smoking can also stain the teeth yellow. There are a number of toothpastes available in the market that claims removing all the stains on your teeth. This can be an effective solution, but you really need to be regular with the cleaning and brushing. You can easily find a number of over-the-counter products for teeth whitening but they can remove the enamel on your teeth. Enamel is an outer layer that protects the teeth from the elements which can destroy them permanently. There is no overnight remedy for removing stains from the teeth. Any product that promises overnight results should be avoided. The right way of getting rid of the yellow stains is by using a solution that does not strip the enamel from the teeth.
However, when you come to us, our dentists can either offer a complete teeth whitening treatment, or whitening of the affected teeth only. This can be decided once the patient’s teeth are examined properly. Our professional and highly qualified dentists can provide a same day treatment, but for better results you may have to visit our clinic regularly. Besides offering teeth whitening, we also have cosmetic dentistry to get rid of the discoloured tooth and improving your smile.

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