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We all want to have a good and healthy life and there comes the job role of our teeth that must be adequate for health. When we possess strong and shiny teeth, it means that we have stable health and when there appears any sort of issue like gums bleeding, bacteria, decay, tooth erosion, sensitivity, and others, these are the signs that can ruin our health status. In this profession, there are utilised the expertise of dental professionals called dentists that are qualified to treat all kinds of dental issues. When it comes to providing the optimum comfort to the people living in a nursing home, having a dentist at your disposal is one of the necessary utilities to provide the maximum care. This service is usually provided to the patients who cannot face the hassle of movements but need the whole service in one room.

Nursing home


So, when there is a need to have this utility in Australia, Raniga Dental is the only platform that attains perfection in such services. We are the most experienced team of dentists and got excellence in all formats of dentistry. We possess years of experience in this field and always ensure to deliver the right demanded results.

We treat a number of geriatric patients at nearby nursing homes.

We offer a wide range of services. These include check-ups, cleans, fillings, complete denture care, extractions. With extensive experience in the field, our dentists provide mobile dental services in nursing homes. They have experience in using the techniques involved with providing high-quality oral health care of elderly patients.

Special geriatric dentistry services

Our treatments include restorative procedures so that the old age patients can chew with comfort. It also affects their speaking skills, which are improved with our treatments. Our professional dentists visit nursing homes regularly to help improve the oral health of elderly people.

We believe in providing comfort to people of all ages

Raniga Dental has earned a reputation for serving all members of the family for all oral health care facilities. Our geriatric dentistry procedures allow us to restore healthy smiles for elderly patients.

Have Quality Cosmetic Dentistry:

The health of teeth is the most concerning matter that should not be compromised in any case. When you attain problems like your teeth are stained, worn, broken, chipped, or any other problem you have, cosmetic dentistry is the only treatment that can free your teeth from all such problems. We have a qualified team of dentists that are capable to treat all kinds of oral problems and bring the natural appearance back. Our professionals suggest the treatment plans that help to learn more about cosmetic dental procedures. You can request our dentists to visit your nursing home.

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Our professional and qualified dentists can provide you with dental services that you may require. So, when you wish to attain the best oral services for your nursing home, dial these numbers (07) 3207 7182 or (07) 3207 8574, or send us an email at to approach us for required dental treatments.

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