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Make sure to schedule routine orthodontic check-ups for your child to prevent and deal with alignment points, chunk issues, or different issues. People of all ages can benefit from orthodontic options that present them with straighter teeth and an even more stunning smile. At Raniga Dental, we cater to the alignment wants of youngsters, teenagers and adults. Orthodontics treatment cannot solely improve your confidence but the well-being of your enamel & gums. Advances in orthodontic treatment provide many choices for adult braces, such as invisible & clear braces.

Raniga dental are general dentists with an active interest in primary orthodontic cases. Our braces are specially ordered and are individualized for your needs and want. Please call us and make an appointment with our expert dental staff.

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Seamless alignment of teeth

Our orthodontic treatments assure you of a seamless alignment of your teeth with great ease of use. We ensure that there will be no fungal or other germ related issues that will harm your overall oral health during the alignment. For this purpose, you need to have a routine check-up after 6-8 weeks.

Dr Raniga undertakes each stage of the orthodontic process, from computer-assisted prognosis to planning and treatment. We guarantee Dr Raniga might personally perform your therapy at each appointment. Dr Raniga has spent the last 18 years aiding in creating lovely smiles with Orthodontics.

Confident smile to improve your personality

Patients with alignment problems have to undergo orthodontic treatment for about a year or two, depending on the condition of their teeth. During the treatment, our dentists will check progress with the help of regular visits.

Early remedy and therapy can restrict these points in certain sufferers. Early orthodontics is not applicable for each case, and we can consider your kids wants to find out if early intervention is critical. By addressing misaligned teeth at an early age, you will prevent the necessity for in-depth work in the future. A frequent drawback in young patients is the lack of a new adult enamel area. With early analysis, our dental staff can create a remedy plan that can make it possible for extra space to develop between the enamel and reduce the potential for the teeth to crowd each other as they come in.

This could be very efficient for decreasing and even eliminating the necessity for future surgical extraction or effective orthodontic treatment later in life. With early treatment as your kid’s teeth are growing, we are in a position to catch and treat numerous doubtlessly severe orthodontic issues earlier than they turn out to be everlasting.

After orthodontic treatment, the braces are removed, and retainers are fitted to hold the tooth steady in their new positions. These appliances could also be detachable plates or wires fitted behind the tooth.

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