Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment

Perfect Alternative to Tooth Extraction

You can have your original teeth cured instead of opting to replace a damaged tooth with an implant.

If you have a damaged tooth, we recommend a root canal treatment because it is a good alternate to tooth extraction because it can lead to misalignment of adjoining teeth. So, get a root canal treatment.

Our root canal treatment is an almost painless procedure and leaves you with little post treatment discomfort. It is a better option rather than getting your natural tooth extracted. Our modern techniques allow us to provide an alternate solution to tooth extraction and fix the problem from the root. The tooth is then covered with a crown allowing it to function like a normal tooth.

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We offer a better alternative to tooth extraction

Gone are the days when tooth extraction was required for cavities and other dental problems. We have created services to provide excellent oral health care to our clients. We care for your oral health because customer satisfaction is our priority. All procedures are carried out by professional and experienced dentists.

Raniga Dental offer a friendly and comfortable environment

We offer excellent facilities in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our dentists have experience and are trained to provide painless dental treatments and procedures. if you are in pain or have an emergency, our experienced staff will endeavor to get an appointment as soon as practical.
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